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Help request
1. Post - 2021.01.28. 14:36:30
If you have any problem or question,
1.) Please read the ingame help first. Each game panel has a corresponding (?) mark.
2.) If you didn't find your answer, please check our Argum City wikipedia which have a detailed description of all game functions.
3.) If you still need help, ask on the game's chat channel! There is a good chance that a veteran player or an admin will be able to answer.
4.) If you still have a question, ask it here.

Please try to be short and get to the point!
Please write suggestions about game development to the "Development suggestions" topic, not here. Bugs should go to the bug report topic, and typos to the Typos topic. Thank you!
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Re: Help request
2. Post - 2021.05.27. 02:14:12
What are the official dates for the argum tournament? I tried looking for it in the wiki but couldn't find it. I also don't see a area in which to complete the tasks that are tied to the event. does this mean that it hasn't started yet or am I somehow not seeing them?
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