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Bug reports
1. Post - 2021.01.28. 15:13:13
Please report bugs in this topic. Include all possible information so we can repeat it. If we correct a bug, we are not reporting it in this topic, but rather, under patch notes. When you report a bug, please include the platform (PC, Android, which browser, version etc).

If you find a typo or translation error, post it in the typos topic. If you got a quiz question in an adventure which you think was incorrect, report it there as well.
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Re: Bug reports
2. Post - 2021.09.07. 03:16:38
There is a bug with some relics. I have found that the Lucky Constellation, supposed to give up to two luck on the schedule doesn\'t work. I got it a while ago and have keep checking for two weeks and i haven\'t got any luck from it even having it at level 2, the maximum. The effect appear under the schedule, under permanent effects, category that appear only once the relics was active and it says 2 luck but doesn\'t give anything.

The Time-expender of MZ/X is another relic that appears to now being working. The text says: "Extra actions are added to the schedule", yet i haven\'t found any extra action, nor having more time for action or any other effect the relic may possess or give. I got it level 10/10, but nothing has happened or changed on the schedule before, after or during the process of leveling it up.

Also, don\'t know if this is a bug, but on the relic shop there are two relics, they look like pieces of paper or some scroll with something written on them and a red wax seal. There are two, with the same image, one costing 100 argum and another costing 100 relics shards. That is all there is to say of the relics since they don\'t appear to have name or any sort of description text. Neither they appear to form part of any set of relics.

Hope this help you making the game even better than it\'s. Thanks for it and the work you done
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