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Guilds general information
1. Post - 2021.01.28. 15:40:23
In Argum City, anyone can found their own city, aka guild, or join an existing one. We suggest that you as soon as possible, since being a guild member has numerous benefits. Forming a new guild is not expensive, only 5000 kredits, but it is important that you can recruit members too. if you are an active, socializing player, you should make your own guild. If you don\'t mind someone else being in control, you better join an existing one. As a guild, you can build building which grant you bonuses, you can defeat monsters from the dimension gate, which give you treasures, and you can participate in wars.

The founding player has no disadvantage for spending the 5000 kredit, since it counts the same as a donation. You can read in more detail about guilds on the Argum City wikipedia.

Guilds have their own chat, you can change to it by clicking on the chat\'s header. The guild also have a message board (in the city hall), where the mayor can post actual information. Also you can check the guild events on the events page of the city hall.
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