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Advanced guides
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You can list in this topic a few advanced tricks and strategies. For start, I give you a few.

You can complete each story adventure only once, but as you progress, repeatable adventures will also show up. Each adventure has a level, which determines the XP your employee get for it. The adventure you get last is the highest level, it gives the most XP! It is possible that you run out of here points. In this case, you will want to do the repeatable adventure which does not have skill test, or if it does, one with a skill which you have close to maxed out. Fortunately, you can refresh the adventure list for zen, this way you can get the most optimal repeatable adventure. Don\'t forget to visit rhe achievements shop (icon on the right, in collections). Probably your best bet is to buy the Book of experience first, which boosts the XP your employee get from adventures.

When fighting in the city arena, you get ores, which you can use to develop your equipment. Also at later level (12+) you will be able to make chips in the mine, further improving and specializing your equipment.

You can have pets from level 8. They are not only cute! When they reach level 10, you can assign them to your employee, boosting their abilities. You can use parts from different pets to combine, this way you can give the most optimal combat abilities.
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