You play a young and successful character. You can create your own company and estate, you have a nice selection of elegant dresses and cars, and if you are rich enough, you can even collect the world's most famous art treasures. The boring life of a sort of a millionaire… And what if you could also build a cool battle mech, which can fight other robots in the arena for prizes? And if you could create cute and even cuter pets which you could empower special abilities? If you could venture on exciting adventures with your tough employees, saving the world from evil villains, threats from beyond Earth, or the zombie apocalypse? Build cities with your guildmates, share your experiences on the game's own social network, develop new skills, try the minigames!

Pictures from the game

Merry Christmas, Argum City!
Dear Players! Today starts our suprise Christmas event. To participate, click on the Christmas tree icon on the left! Every day a new line of tasks open up, and you can open the red gift boxes if you complete them. You can complete the tasks freely until the event ends on 30th of Devember. To be able to open the bonus packs, you have to buy the top ormanent. You get this if you buy at least 350 argum between 13th and 20th of december. We will have a usual sale promotion between 21th and 30th of December, too.
The dragon awakens
Dear Players! Today starts our new event, the dragon awakens! Collect dragon scales in daily tasks, complete the epic story of the dragon, get the special relic, the dragon's skull!
Halloween event in Argum City
Dear Players! The Halloween event of Argum City has started! Play a complete storyline and fight the vampire threat! Complete daily tasks, collect garlics and exchange them for rewards!
We also have a huge gift promotion, you get a fabolous gift package for your first agrum purchase during the event. Click on the argum icon!
Argum City Olympic Games
Dear Players! The Argum City Olympics has begun today. Make one or more team of your employees, and fight waves of enemy teams in the Olympic Arena! Earn rewards by getting as far as possible. The event lasts for 2 weeks, your score will be calculated from your 10 best runs.
Parallel to the event runs our Argum sale. Click on the argum icon, buy an argum pack, and get a truckload of goodies as a free gift!
Szerver karbantartás
Kedves Játékosok! Csütörtökön 9:30-tól szerverkarbantartást végzünk, a játék várhatóan csak 12:00-kor lesz újra elérhető. Megértéseteket köszönjük!
Tomorrow, at 12am CET begins the Holoevent in Argum City. Create a secondary team, and complete all adventures again! Collect a ton of argum and adventure tokens, exchangeable for various rewards. You get additional rewards for ranking. From the moment of signing up, until the end of the event the player adventures will be unavailable. During the event, we run a sale promotion. For your first argum purchase, you get a bonus pack. Also, if you buy at least 350, you get a free employee spot to help you in the event!
Argum tournament
Dear Players, Argum City's new, grand event, the Argum Tournament has begun! Complete 36 different tasks during the event's 2 weeks, compete in 13 top lists to win various rewards! Parallel to the event, we have a sale promotion as well. Buy argum and get special gift packages. Good luck in the competition!
Argum City Easter events
Dear Players! The Easter events has launched! Every day you can complete unique tasks and earn easter eggs. You can exchange them for various rewards, including a special bunny pet! There is also a new adventure storyline in the cave, connected to Easter. On Easter Monday, you can send unlimited gifts (one to each of your friends).
Parallel to the event there is an argum sale! You get a huge gift pack instead of the usual resource selection. For details, click on the argum icon! Don't forget about the special daily Easter offer.
Happy Easter!
Argum sale
To celebrate the launch of the new Argum City world, we will have a special sale! In addition to the argum you purchase, you will get a package full of goodies instead of the choosable resources. You get all items of the package! The promotion's duration is from 12th to 22th of February (Friday to Monday). Each player gets a gift package only for their first purchase. Burnt-out argum will transform to real argums as usual, and if this is your first purchase, you get double argum!
English world launched
We have finished the development of the English version. All game functions have been translated, including adventures and events from the live Hungarian version. We added the English version of the trailer, and screenshots to the main page (top left corner). The Android mobile app is available from the Google Play Store. The forum is live too. The new, international world is WORLD 6 choose that when starting a new character. Have fun playing!
Argum City has started!
Dear Players! After nearly 6 years of development, we have launched Argum City! The game is available on PC, from browser, or you can download the Android version from the Playstore. Only Hungarian language at the moment, but we are already working on the English translation. You can find screenshots, forum and trailer video in the upper left corner!
Argum City beta test has started
We have started the beta test of Argum City. We have sent out invitation to those who have applied. The beta test will last for approx. one month.
Argum City alpha test
The alpha test of the game has started!

Terms of service

The Argum City internet game is provided by Beholder Ltd. (address: Budapest, Mikszath K. u. 12, H-1193, Hungary, phone number: +36-12807932) hencefoth: Provider, with the following conditions:

Only players who accept the following conditions may take part in the game. If these conditions are not accepted the registration is to be deleted, which can be done on the options screen.

1. Registration

All players have to use an existing e-mail address, facebook account or google account to register.

It is the responsibility of each player to handle their passwords with care so that they cannot get into unauthorized hands. The Provider shall take no responsibility for the loss caused by lost passwords and if any unfavourable condition arises from lost passwords the original state cannot be restored.

2. Trading characters between players

Trading characters is not allowed. Anyone selling their characters on the game forums may face suspension of their accounts. If you discontinue playing with your character you can hand it over free of charge to a friend by changing the e-mail address and the password.

Any activity that advertises the sale of in-game assets, services is forbidden. Players who pursue such activities face the termination of their accounts.

3. Errors in the game

We would like to ask players to report all errors - so called bugs to our support. These bugs are not to be exploited even if they are not repaired immediately. Exploiting these bugs and gaining advantage by doing so might lead to the termimation of the player's account. We shall take no responsibility to restore data should the loss of data affect characters adversely, though this process is the subject of individual consideration and can be carried out at our support service.

4. Netiquette

Everyone is expected to communicate in a normal, civilized manner. Netiquette refers to desciptions (character, clans), character names, chat and messages, forums, clan descriptions.

It is frobidden to:
  • Use language that is sexually explicit, offensive, abusive, vulgar, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable and any comments that carry real-life threats.
  • Submit any material that when submitted is in conflict with any Hungarian or International law or contains invitation to a crime or accepts any kind of such invitation.
  • Submit or transfer any material that is otherwise not accessible for juveniles, including sexual, obscene, illegal or dishonest materials.
  • Blackmail users so that they breach rules.
  • Submit any advertising material that is not approved by Beholder Ltd. The medium of the advertisement is irrelevant.
  • Questionable pictures and large profiles are not allowed and may be deleted by the adminstrator without notice.
  • Start chain letters or such regardless of their content.
  • Use Spam in the system or its forums.

5. Violation of the rules

5.1. Exploiting program errors

If you exploit a program error which is beneficial to you, we reserve the right to remove all acquired advantages, or even more as a penalty, and ban the character for a limited period of time or even permanently.

5.2. Violation of netiquette

Like exploiting a program error, violation of netiquette might lead to temporary or permanent suspension of account and/or access to the chat/forums, depending on the severity, and if it happens first time or several time

5.3. Using third-party programs

It is forbidden to use any programs or mechanisms that change and/or influence the operation of the program, makes the game automatic, lead to excessive server load or use "bots". If our algorithms detect such activity it may lead to immediate and permanent suspension of account.

6. Modification of rules

We retain the right to make any modifications to the mathematics of the game mechanisms if deemed necessary.

7. Argum

p>At the moment it is not possible to get a refund for unused argum or to hand them over to other players. Players purchase the service when buying argum not when spending them. It is not possible to exchange puchased items, functions or premium membership back to argum. When a character gets deleted, a limited amount of argum (up to the amount purchased earlier) will be transferrable to a new character started on a new world for the same account.

8. Vis maior

Beholder Ltd. shall not be held liable for the operation of the servers, temporary interruption of the internet service or any program errors. Users are not entitled for compensation in such cases..

9. Cancellation

Cancellation of an account may be initiated by either the player or the Provider. If players wish to do so, they delete their registration, which can be done on the settings page, no other action is necessary. The Provider may cancel registration if the player violates the terms of use and rules. Refund for ancient argum is not possible in this case.

10. Clause

Should any part of this rule set become ineffective or out-of-date it shall not affect the remaining part. Administrators are obliged to replace obsolete clauses to new ones which are equivalent to the originals in the terms of law. They come into effect immediately and apply for current cases as well. The same refers to any deficiencies. Administrators are obliged to supersede deficiencies, in a manner so that they are closest to the clause that would have been written had the point arisen when writing the original rule set.


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